Citizen Advocacy Making a difference in the lives of vulnerable adults in central Fife

Equal Voice brings together local volunteers and vulnerable people.

Our volunteers provide assistance to adults aged 16 – 65 years of age who need support speaking up for themselves. This is called an Advocacy Partnership. A key part to the partnership is support, such as the Advocate providing information for the vulnerable person so they can make choices in life that they are happy with. The Advocate can also ensure the partner's views are always considered and their voice is heard. Our Advocates build a trusting relationship with their partner and help resolve problems and difficulties their partner may be facing.

The Advocate

VS has become a very important person in her Advocate partners’ life. They meet on a weekly basis and talk and talk and talk. They also do a lot of laughing together which helps both cope with the ups and downs of life.

The Partner

Equal Voice were asked to meet with a young man (R) to discuss advocacy and how an Advocate might help him.